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Trike no 1

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Trike 1

 Early on a cold morning at the beginning of May 2010, Andy & I boarded the  plane to London, receiving funny looks as we went through security in full bike  gear, carrying our helmets! On landing, a short train journey took us to Harlow  where we were met by Maria who picked us up & drove us to the dealership  where we met with Tony & John & our lovely new Trike. A Rewaco FX5 with an  1800cc fuel injected Volkswagen engine. She was all shiny & black with sparkle,   it was love at first sight & I then forgave Andy for his previous rash impulse buy!   After all, a Trike is "just" a bit more expensive than shoes!

There was a hour or two spent doing all the official stuff & getting to know the Trike & the Rewaco Team. Then our adventure began. I can only say I was not prepared for the reaction of other road users upon seeing the Trike. We drove for around 5 hours up to Heysham for the night ferry home, with a couple of comforts break along the way. Riding as a single passenger on the Trike you sit in the middle, you are elevated above the driver, so have a great view of the road & surroundings. Now for those of you that know me, I'm no spring chicken, not as gorgeous as I used to be & with the paler coloured hair (silver grey) I'm every bit Granny material. But I tell you this, on that journey I was Cheryl Cole, Halle Berry, Beyonce & Madonna! I felt like a celebrity! The amount of toots, thumbs up, waves & flashing lights we received was unbelievable. I guess they just couldn't see me under the helmet! When we stopped a couple of times at service stations, we had to go inside separately, the Trike was like a magnet & drew a crowd in no time! We rode the whole way home with big grins & decided this was the right decision for our future.

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